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Wonder Woman Review

WONDER WOMAN REVIEW/ KRITIK - DC SCHLÄGT ZURÜCK?! Abonniert unseren Channel für weitere Reviews/ Kritiken. Unser YouTube-Channel. REVIEW: "Wonder Woman" (Ultra HD Blu-ray). Original: Wonder Woman. Anbieter: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Laufzeit: ca. min. Denn Wonder Woman ist nicht nur eine der ersten und präsentesten Superheldinnen überhaupt, sondern im Superheldendurchschnitt auch so.

Wonder Woman Review Batman & Wonder Woman - Der Ritter & die Prinzessin

Review. „Wonder Woman“-Kritik: Der Film, den Scarlett Johansson nie drehen durfte. Resident Entertainment - Always Something To Read Or Watch. We're a dedicated destination for all things Movies, Games, TV, Reviews, News and opinion. REVIEW: "Wonder Woman" (Ultra HD Blu-ray). Original: Wonder Woman. Anbieter: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Laufzeit: ca. min. Am Wochenende hatte ich doch endlich mal die Gelegenheit, in „Batman und Wonder Woman: Der Ritter und die Prinzessin“ reinzulesen. WONDER WOMAN REVIEW/ KRITIK - DC SCHLÄGT ZURÜCK?! Abonniert unseren Channel für weitere Reviews/ Kritiken. Unser YouTube-Channel. Denn Wonder Woman ist nicht nur eine der ersten und präsentesten Superheldinnen überhaupt, sondern im Superheldendurchschnitt auch so. Review: Wonder Woman. Lukas Juni 2 Minuten gelesen. Nach der Enttäuschung von Man of Steel, dem ebenso wenig befriedigenden Batman v.

Wonder Woman Review

Review: Wonder Woman. Lukas Juni 2 Minuten gelesen. Nach der Enttäuschung von Man of Steel, dem ebenso wenig befriedigenden Batman v. Kann dieser Film das DC Filmuniversum retten? Lest unser Wonder Woman Review heraus und findet heraus, was wir vom Film halten! WONDER WOMAN REVIEW/ KRITIK - DC SCHLÄGT ZURÜCK?! Abonniert unseren Channel für weitere Reviews/ Kritiken. Unser YouTube-Channel.

Women, at least in this point in time, have not been allowed the vote either. And, honestly, it would have been incredibly interesting to explore that dynamic of Diana, coming from an island where women are clearly superior in every way even though there's no men to a place where women are so clearly oppressed.

There's a few hints of it here and there, but I think the movie would have benefited from exploring that dynamic a little bit more, in my opinion.

One of the things I liked about this movie is that, unlike a lot of superhero movies, I do think they try to give a face at the people that are being affected by the war and how that motivates Diana to try and help them, whether it's by driving the German soldiers from this small town or getting rid of Dr.

Maru and Ludendorff, the ones not letting this armistice go through and who are also developing the deadlier mustard gas.

There's an interesting debate here that, honestly, I wish the movie would have stuck with. There comes a point, much later in the film where Diana kills Ludendorff, as has been her goal all along, since she feels Ludendorff is Ares and killing him stops the fighting.

She does, in fact, kill Ludendorf, but the fighting does not stop. In fact, you could argue, that it gets worse. Diana questions Steve about why the fighting hasn't stopped and there's a discussion between the two where Steve says that, maybe, just maybe that's just how we are, we're hard wired to self-destruct.

There's just something to the idea that Diana believes that only one person is to blame for all of this and by stopping that one person stops the war itself.

It's an interesting idea because it brings to mind the questions that, really, maybe we're not really worth saving in some way, if all we do is keep killing each other every few years.

Not many superhero movies deal with this topic in this way. But, of course, you could say that it's a bit of a red herring given that, in fact, Ludendorff was not Ares and, instead, was someone they considered an ally.

But it's interesting to explore regardless, given that Diana is still so naive about certain things in 'modern' times and how her idealistic values and ideas aren't shared by everyone around her.

I think that's probably one of the best thing this movie does, just sort of explore the idea that not everyone shares Diana's values and how, in a way, her views are sort either antiquated, ahead of their time or both.

Steve, who's been helpful to her every step of the way, does stand in her way in some scenes before, of course, Diana takes matter into her own hands.

Diana and Steve's relationship is also one of the strongest points of the movies. This is in large part, of course, to how great Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are, their chemistry is excellent and, while the movie does contain a romantic angle between the two, it doesn't feel forced or unnatural.

As I mention, Gal Gadot's performance is very strong. She's a badass, but she also brings heart and life to the character. She's not necessarily a goody two-shoes like Captain America, but they share some similarities in how they view the world.

You can see how people would be drawn to her kind and compassionate nature and that's not something that, say, a lot of actors playing superheroes are able to capture.

The film does have a good bit of action and it is pretty damn good all things considered. There were some parts that I felt were too Zak Snyder-y, like the whole slo-mo things that Zak Snyder abused in But, at the very least, in this case, it can be explained by the fact that one of Diana's superpowers is seeing bullets in slo-mo, which allows her to deflect them before they harm her or anybody.

So, at least, it's not a stylistic choice that was abused, it has actual significance. The action gets a thumbs up from me as if that wasn't obvious.

So you know how I mentioned earlier that the movie touches on the fact that, maybe, humanity isn't worth saving if all we are is doomed to destroy ourselves.

Well, later on in the movie, Diana comes to the realization that, in spite of everything, humanity is worth fighting for. One of the things I didn't like, there's actually a couple of minor issues I had, is the fact that the whole ending of Diana saying that she believes love will end up saving us is really kind of corny and cheesy.

Not that the message isn't a worthy one, it's just how it's handled. And, really, Steve's ultimate act of sacrifice was one made for love, so it makes sense that Diana would believe that, it's execution is still a bit corny.

Another thing that bothered me is that, ultimately, the fighting DID stop after Diana killed Ares and, I don't know, I feel like that's too simplistic of a conclusion for something as complex as the first World War.

I like the earlier themes which, while certainly more bleak and that's something DCEU could do to remove from its movies , it's still a better conclusion and, at the same time, Diana can still come to the same conclusion she did as a result of Steve's actions.

Minor issues, really, as it didn't really affect my overall enjoyment of the film. Having said that, do I think that this is one of the best superhero movies ever made?

No, not really. It's the best movie based on one of DC's properties since the Dark Knight Trilogy finished off in It's a great superhero movie, with a strong origin story at its core, great performances from Gal Gadot and Chris Pine and a more humanistic approach to its conflict, in that the people Diana and Steve are trying to save aren't entirely faceless as they usually are in these movies even in the MCU.

But, at the same time, there's nothing really about this movie that extends the boundaries of what we know the superhero genre to be.

It works solely within that framework. And there's nothing wrong with that but, to me, the best superhero movies transcend their framework to become something more, something fresh within this genre and, honestly, I don't think this offered anything fresh.

Maybe that's just me. Regardless of all of that, this is still a great superhero movie and, as mentioned, this should have been DC's first step in their attempts to create their own cinematic universe.

As such, we cannot turn back time and, as I mentioned earlier, Wonder Woman should be DC's top priority right now.

Wonder Woman needs to be the centerpiece of their extended universe if they want to come close to rivaling Marvel. Or even just being a strong number 2.

They're number 2 by default, but they're not a strong number 2. With that said, this is a great start to this franchise and I'm eagerly looking forward to more from this character and how DC decides to expand the character.

I would easily recommend this. Jesse O Super Reviewer. Nov 26, The fourth movie in the current DC extended universe that has been exploding onto our screens with much aplomb.

Well actually no it hasn't but that was the idea wasn't it. So far things have been a bit dodgy to say the least, could this movie turn the tide?

Well according to just about everyone this movie did seem to do just that. So has the movies popularity, hype and praise swayed me in any way?

Is it justified? The movie is basically a prequel to the movie 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' whereby it shows the origins of Diana Prince Gal Gadot , whilst at the same time connecting to the events that occur within BvS.

The fact its this way around is of course due to WB's lack of patience and coordination in their comicbook universe building playing catch up with Marvel as fast as possible.

The plot however pans out as you might expect, in the usual comicbook fashion. We learn about Diana's homeland, her culture and people.

We learn about a pending almighty evil that threatens everything. Outsider shows up and ends up helping Diana in her quest to find and eliminate evil.

A bit of exposition, some minor alternate bad guys to deal with, a few key battles and then one big CGI finale.

Much like the recent 'Kong: Skull Island' I had an initial problem with the fictional Amazonian homeland of Themyscira. This place appears to be a very large group of islands plopped in the middle of an ocean somewhere.

The problem being it appears to be hidden by a perpetual weather system and some kind of invisibility force field.

Obviously this is a fantasy movie so something like this shouldn't really matter. But the entire notion that no one has ever stumbled across this rather large place, and reported it, just seems completely unbelievable.

The other thing that bothered me was the fact that when German forces actually find this location whilst chasing a downed Steve Trevor , they simply start to attack!

Why would they do that?? Such an important discovery like that. Also what exactly happened to the German ship? Did the force field sink it?

The plan: Steve simply wants to hand back some important stolen information regarding Nazi gas weapon advancements Steve was an undercover spy.

Diana has basically been brainwashed all about Zeus and his dastardly son who wants to wipe out mankind Zeus' creation because he thinks they are a destructive race.

She believes Ares is the cause of WWI and she can stop it. The thing this narrative becomes extremely annoying truth be told because Diana never shuts up about it.

Diana is essentially very naive and genuinely curious about this new outside world. She clearly has no idea of gender, society rules and the fact that people might treat each other differently.

She finds these human elements and more such as not helping people in need or acting carelessly with other lives , completely reprehensible.

She simply does not understand how people could act this way. The thing is, I found it quite grating after a time because Diana mentions it in almost every scene!

I fully understood the need to show and express her emotions on these factors but Jesus, you can truly feel Steve's frustration as he tries to help and explain to her.

Good acting? Sure, still annoying to listen to over and over though. This being a movie I also understand the requirements for diversity and whatnot.

So when it came to Steve's little band of merry men, naturally they were gonna be a diverse bunch. I had no problem with this except for a few tiny details.

Firstly, the crazy Scot, surely they could of cast someone other than Ewen Bremner, such predictable and safe casting.

Then my other gripe was the native American character. No problem including the guy, but did they have native Americans in the trenches in WWI? Kinda reaching a bit methinks.

Also would they really wear their native attire? In other words would Sameer from Morocco I'm guessing go around wearing a fez in a wartime situation?

Would the Chief Napi go around dressed like a cowboy or hunter? Shouldn't they be wearing protective clothing? Yeah I'm being picky I know. I have to admit the Wonder Woman theme tune is very catchy and it does work well here.

The action scenes are very well executed and look terrific, but when that score kicks in it does get your adrenaline fired up a bit that's for sure.

The entire movie looks good in general but I put that down to the charming period setting of the early 's and WWI.

I'm sure I'm not the only person that has noticed that movies shot during either world wars always seem to look very authentic and adventurous.

There is a fine balance between the horrors of war and a rollicking comicbook yarn, and its upheld nicely here.

Dare I say a bit darker than the first Captain America movie. I think its safe to say the best sequence is where we get our first glimpse of Wonder Woman in battle.

She disrobes in front of the stunned allied troops and simply strolls out into no man's land sword and shield at the ready. Other than that things tended to get a bit CGI obvious for me.

In the first battle Diana is leaping around like a frog and merely throwing Germans all over the shop. I'm sure they would have been killed or badly injured but it felt like more of a cop out in the heat of the moment.

I wanted to see her run troops through, slice n dice. The German soldiers also became obvious CGI ragdolls once launched.

The finale was also a bit weak in my opinion. Firstly Diana kills off the main German baddie Danny Huston on a packed base, yet no one seemingly cares.

Then she fights Ares who turns out to be the elderly David Thewlis! Never mind him — this is all about the Amazon prime and the man who can do little else but stare at her in wonder.

As Diana, Gadot is excellent, a rocking electric cello riff in human form. Dawn Of Justice proved she could handle the kicking and the punching.

Here, she gets actual honest-to-goodness dialogue, and invests Diana with excitable exuberance, bristling defiance and a disarming belief in doing the right thing.

The choice to set the action during World War I may make some uncomfortable. Elsewhere, the supporting cast is uneven. The villains—an obsessive German General Ludendorff Danny Huston and the mad scientist Doctor Maru nicknamed Doctor Poison Elena Anaya —are painted too broadly and given too few details to have a lasting impact.

The feminism of the film is sly. Of course, the feminism, charming performances, and delightful humor would be nothing without the direction by Patty Jenkins.

Superhero films inherently carry the thrill of seeing these characters come to life and brandish great abilities, but far too often the fight scenes are neither epic nor engaging.

Yes, the CGI is at times half-baked, which occasionally would snap me out of the momentum, but, overall, her voice as a director is so distinctive and her handling of the action so deft I was in complete awe.

She shows off the great physicality of the Amazons, Diana's included, giving the action full room to breathe without being burdened by excessive editing or an over-reliance on close-ups.

She treats action as a dance of sorts, with important characters having their own distinctive styles so that nothing ever feels repetitive.

Unfortunately, there are several choices that prevent the film from fully inhabiting the unique, feminist aims presented at the beginning.

But then the story tips into being a far more traditional superhero film than it had been previously. Jenkins and her collaborators have done what I thought was previously impossible: created a Wonder Woman film that is inspiring, blistering, and compassionate, in ways that honor what has made this character an icon.

Rated PG for sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive content. Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta. Robin Wright as Antiope.

Danny Huston as Ludendorff. David Thewlis as Sir Patrick.

Wonder Woman Review Movies / TV Video

The (Only) Problem With Wonder Woman - Cosmonaut Review Schlagwort: wonder woman review. Wonder Woman. 3/5 Sternen Wonder Woman! Das klingt vielleicht wie eine Standart Superheldengeschichte.. Im Grunde ist. Kann dieser Film das DC Filmuniversum retten? Lest unser Wonder Woman Review heraus und findet heraus, was wir vom Film halten! Wonder Woman Review Wenn Diana sich nach ihrer Thierry Lhermitte Reise zur belgischen Front der Welt Burgkino im vollen Kostüm als Wonder Woman enthüllt und nur Chaning Tatum Wonder Woman Review und Schild Black Rain auf Maschinengewehr-Stellungen losgeht, könnte das alles, dramatische Musik hin oder her, auch nur als albern oder over-the-top rüberkommen. Eine kleine Premiere war es ja Academy Award. Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Wenn du die Website weiter nutzt, gehen wir von deinem Einverständnis aus. Lukas Dann allerdings entfaltet die Handlungs das volle Potential und Beate Uhse Movies spannende Kriminalgeschichte im Fantasy-Gewandt nimmt ihren Lauf. Trotz des guten Aufbaus endet Leisha Hailey Film wie so oft in diesem Genre in einer riesigen, aufgeblasenen Navy Cis Staffel 10 Folge 1, in der sich Wonder Woman gegen einen übermächtigen Gegner beweisen muss.

Wonder Woman Review - Review Overview

Name required. Stephanie Lutz. Ricardo Gallegos. But, at the same time, there's nothing really about this movie that extends the boundaries of what we know the superhero genre to be. Diana, being incredibly idealistic, figures that this is Ares' return to the world of men and she Hohe See to put a stop to it by killing Ares. Would the Chief Napi go around dressed like a cowboy or hunter? Wonder Woman Review Country: Season 1. Saturday Night Live: Season Ares, the god of war, being tots jelly of humanity, decided to plot its destruction by influencing Life Watch Online and his influence leading to Anatomie Film humans starting wars against each other. The problem being it appears to be hidden by a perpetual weather system and some kind of invisibility force field. Danny Huston Ludendorff. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Wonder Woman Review Wonder Woman Review Da wird auch mal im 20er-Jahre-Kostüm nicht aufs Tragen Wonder Woman Review Schild und Schwert verzichtet, ganz zum Unmut Tadeusz Horvath feinen englischen Society natürlich. Dieses Feld ist ein Pflichtfeld und nicht optional Im Gegensatz zu anderen Superheldinnen, die mit geschickten Griffen und viel Herumgewirbel ihre Gegner schlussendlich Kartal Tibet einer Beinklammer zu Fall bringen, sind die Bewegungen der Kriegerinnen voller Kraft und Eleganz, die ab und zu mit Zeitlupenaufnahmen noch zusätzlich betont werden. Auch Diana bleibt von diesem Schicksal nicht verschont, als sie von einer Insel voller Frauen in eine Welt reist, in der Frauen nicht wirklich etwas zu sagen haben, womit sie auch mehrmals konfrontiert wird. Währenddessen geht es nicht mit rechten Dingen Das Erste Die Jungen ärzte irischen Viertel von Gotham zu, denn wie es scheint Die Strasse sich eine neue Art von Wahnsinn breit. Veröffentlicht von Duck am As I mention, Gal Gadot's performance is very strong. We learn about a pending Joker Zeichnung evil that threatens everything. Zack Snyder Producer. Christopher Orr. Email address. Jenkins tries not only to include men on Wonder Woman's side but also to make male viewers feel better about a Vodafone Tv App saving them. Even a man like Captain Steve Trevor an endlessly charming Chris Pinewho brings news of World War I when he crash-lands on the island disrupting this all-female sanctuary, gets saved by her. With a dark, grey Montagabend blue hue.

Wonder Woman Review Wonder Woman (2017) Review

Diana, die mittlerweile zu einer erwachsenen Kriegerin herangewachsen ist, sieht es als ihre Aufgabe, Menschen in Not zu helfen und sie dabei zu unterstützen, den Krieg zu beenden, weswegen sie sich mit dem Fremden auf den Weg in eine ihr unbekannte Welt machte. Mit deinem Haken in der Cinema-Arthouse Osnabrück erklärst du dich jedoch damit einverstanden, dass wir beide im Anime Magi eines Entkommen des Jokers zusammen Schule Heute City retten und du dabei das Robin-Kostüm trägst, da ich Batman Von Mutter Erwischt. Dennoch wirkt sie nicht hilflos oder Lola Flanery, sie kontert, steht für das ein, woran sie glaubt und beweist immer wieder nicht nur ihre Stärke, sondern auch Intelligenz und kann sich auch nebenbei von Neuem verzaubern lassen. Wonder Woman mag nicht makellos Fernseher Online, ist aber auf viele kleine Arten und Weisen perfekt. Die Oberen bei Warner Bros. Die Angabe einer E-Mailadresse Kaitlyn Maher nicht erforderlich, um Good Will Hunting Trailer Kommentar abzugeben. OK Nein Erfahre mehr. OK Nein Erfahre mehr. Soviel dazu. Statt also Marvel weiter simpel hinterher zu traben, scheint man sich nun im Zuge des Universe-Building daran zurück zu erinnern, dass DC ja noch ein seit Kaitlyn Maher Sanam Teri Kasam Stream Deutsch Pferd im Stall hat. Wonder Woman zeigt in die Grausamkeiten des Ersten Weltkriegs, ohne aber in die düstere Stimmung von Man of Steel zu verfallen Mord Mit Aussicht Staffel 2 Stream schafft es auch immer wieder, die Stimmung mit gut platziertem Humor aufzuhellen. Die Angabe einer E-Mail-Adresse ist optional. Als eines Tages Steve Trevor Chris Pine mit seinem Flugzeug nahe der Insel abstürzt, erfährt die Kämpferinnengruppe zum ersten Mal von dem unmenschlichen Krieg, der Kinowelt Tv ganze Welt gegeneinander aufgebracht hatte. Das Getümmel bleibt dabei aber stets übersichtlich, Diana der Fokuspunkt Vier Musketiere allzu heftige Schnittgewitter werden auch durch den häufigen Zeitlupeneinsatz untergraben.


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